There is a way to finance  educationtech hubsretrainingat no cost to individuals or governments.
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That way is FORTE

The FORTE Approach, which stands for

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"An ingenious impact investing mechanism."
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Our Mission

Too often, people lose their jobs through no fault of their own.

As we recover from a global pandemic that has displaced millions, and one in four jobs are at risk of digital disruption, we as a society need to provide people with the opportunity to get back on their feet.

FORTE stands for Financing Of Return To Employment. It works by connecting untapped pools of private capital with the unmet needs of unemployed individuals.

Whether it’s retraining for the jobs of the future, eye surgery for those with avoidable blindness, or helping recent migrants become fluent in a new language – Forte invests in interventions that help people get back to work, at no cost for individuals and no risk for governments.

of world's population cannot afford high-quality education, and 75% of those that access it are burdened by the stress of debt.
1 in 4
workers will lose their jobs and need retraining by 2030.
is the projected global shortage of tech workers by 2030. Countries that don't act quickly to close this skills gap will see their economies suffer.

How It Works

The FORTE Model matches untapped private capital with the unmet needs of people who are not currently in good-paying quality jobs. We help governments benefit from effective labour market interventions today, with the uplift in tax revenue tomorrow.

Who we help


We enable governments to reduce unemployment, solve skills shortages, develop tech hubs, grow the economy, and help those in need - all without worsening the budget or bearing risk.

We believe governments shouldn't pay for education if it doesn't work. That's why, with Forte, governments never pay for something that doesn't work. When the education does work and lead to high-paying quality jobs, governments just share a portion of the economic benefit that arises. In other words, we provide governments with risk-free investment into great education programs.

Service Providers

We enable the world's best education providers to scale up, help more people, operate more efficiently, build capacity, and expand to new locations.

Too often, great training providers waste time and money on issues unrelated to core training – such as recruitment (convincing students to pay), administration (enforcing loan repayments), and applying for grants. We save training providers time and cost, enabling them to focus on what they do best – great training. We also enable providers to work with the best students, regardless of their capacity to pay, meaning a greater impact.


We enable investors to have a significant positive impact on the world, without sacrificing financial returns.

The FORTE Model is the world's best example of true impact investing, because social impact and financial returns are perfectly aligned. There's no tradeoff between the two. Unlike other approaches, investor returns in no way come at the expense of the people we're trying to help. Investors can do good and do well at the same time. It's the best of both worlds. This means the FORTE approach is both sustainable (via recurring investments) and scalable (as returns are not concessionary).


We enable disadvantaged individuals, especially those who are unemployed or at risk of unemployment, to receive the highest quality education at no cost whatsoever (either now or in the future). And we help them get high-quality, good-paying jobs they love. This enables them to get back on their feet and achieve their full potential.

We help a range of disadvantaged groups, including women, veterans, racial minorities, those living with disabilities, and those from low socio-economic backgrounds.
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