Technology Scholarships in South Australia

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Good news, South Australia: your fees have been paid for.
Forte is working with the South Australian Department of Innovation and Skills and world-class tech educators including Generation, General Assembly, 42 and _Nology to give smart and committed students the opportunity of a lifetime. Our mission is to train talented people in the skills of tomorrow and address long-term inequalities in the tech industry.

We are accepting applicants for the following programs:

Web Development: learn-to-code program and entry-level tech consulting role
Training commences June 6 for 12 weeks, full-time with _Nology Australia

Cloud Computing: AZ900 Certification and entry-level cloud computing role
Training commences June 14 for 13 weeks, full-time with Generation Australia (with support for neurodivergent learners)

Salesforce Development: Salesforce Platform Developer 1 certificate and entry-level role
Training commences June 7 for 14 weeks, full-time with Generation Australia

In less than twelve months, you could be starting a future-proof, digital career in one of the fastest-growing and highest-paying industries in the country. Your course will be worth more than $10,000 – but you won't have to pay a thing. Places are strictly limited, so apply now.

Eligibility criteria

Places in our South Australian program are only available to women, uni and VET graduates (aged 17-24), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and people with disabilities who meet the following criteria:

  1. You must live in South Australia
  2. You must be a citizen, permanent resident, or hold a visa with the right to work in Australia until December 31, 2026
  3. You must be 18 or older by June 30, 2022
  4. You must not currently work full-time in a tech company in a technical position (e.g. web design, development, or data science)

Forte scholarships are awarded on the basis of talent and need, and we strongly encourage people who are currently out of work to apply.

The application process

We're working with training partners to finalise a cohort of 150 talented South Australians. For applicants, the process will involve:

  1. Completing the form on this page to make sure you're eligible, keen and a good fit for the program
  2. After passing initial screening, you'll be matched with a training partner based on your availability and preferred area of study
  3. You will then be invited to complete that training provider's independent assessment and admissions process
  4. After passing the provider assessment, Forte will be in touch to confirm your offer of study and scholarship

This can take a bit of time, but we'll keep in touch throughout the process and will be available if you have any questions.

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